800-tonne cranes are transported in Italy by Fagioli

Ship-to-shore cranes transportation took 4 days

Fagioli (an Italian transportation and heavy lifting company) was selected for the transportation of heavy ship-to-shore cranes. As the media says, the transportations were carried out in order to relocate the equipment in Italy, Morocco, and Spain. There were eight cranes in total. The whole operation took four days, which were weekends. The transportation was scheduled for the 9th-12th of October. The specialists managed to do their job in time.

For the operation, the transportation giant applied innovative vehicles – self-propelled modular transporter together with the barges.

As for the transportation in Italy, there were two vehicles with the weight of 800 tonnes. The operation was fulfilled from the Vado Ligure to the port of Livorno.

In Morocco, the contractor was responsible for the transportation of two coal ship unloaders with the weight of 1,000 tonnes per each unit. The relocation was fulfilled by barge and SPMTs at the coal terminal of Jorf Lasfar.

Spanish operation was the final step. 2 cranes with the weight of 700 tonnes per each unit were relocated by barge and transporters from Valencia to Huelva container terminal.

Self-propelled modular transporter: what is it?

gray metal crane under blue sky during daytime

SPMT is a trailer with the great number of wheels. It is applied during the transportation of enormous and massive cargos. The vehicles of such variation are popular for transportation in various spheres:

  • oil and gas
  • bridges construction
  • motor equipment, etc.
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The axles of the trailer are computer-controlled. They are individually controllable, which adds to the better weight distribution. The vehicle is able to move, spin or turn in place.

Fagioli: general information about the firm

Fagioli is an international company, which provides services for various spheres. The main office of the company is situated in Italy.

Fagioli was established in 1955 by G. Fagioli. Today they have offices all over the world. The specialists of the company create innovative and efficient solutions for the clients. They provide heavy lifting and transportation services.

Their principles of work for the company are reliability, efficiency, and innovations. They are a leader of the industry and work to keep this position.

Read more information about Fagioli and its strategy on their official website.