What is a crawler crane and what it can be used for?

In a modern, endlessly developing world, a huge variety of techniques is required to perform a wide range of works. This concerns 100-ton crawler crane, 300-ton crawler crane, and much more. For example, crawler cranes are widely used, the application of which requires their manufacturers to continuously improve their new models.

Applications of crawler cranes

Today, the need to use crawler cranes is quite large in any field of activity. Of course, a kind of technology that will be used depends on the field of application. So, where are these cranes most in demand? By the way, Liebherr crawler cranes are rightly considered one of the leaders in their field: on the par with Terex crawler cranes, they occupy the top lines of the charts.

  1. Construction works. Indeed, no construction of a new building or other structure can be imagined without the LR 1300 crawler crane because it serves as the main device for lifting and lowering metal, concrete and other massive and large structures on the territory of construction works. The urgency of using this type of equipment in high-rise construction is especially high. Therefore, lifting to a higher altitude of necessary structures by means of a crane is, in fact, the only world-wide way to carry out this work.
  2. Repair work. Also akin to construction activities, in repair or restoration work, there is a high need for using this variety of cranes. One of the most common areas of use of this type of crane in the repair work is energy.
  3. Loading and shipping. A frequent phenomenon is the use of crawler cranes for loading or unloading, especially heavy and bulky cargoes. Also, this technique is preferred for use in the above-mentioned types of work in industrial warehouses. For example, when shipping pipes, reinforced concrete structures, containers, and other large objects.

There are many areas of activity in which crawler cranes have found their application. The reason for this was the design features that allow working in different conditions. The advantage of this variety of cranes in front of truck cranes is the greatest traffic due to the caterpillar traverse, which allows working confidently even in the absence of roads and in conditions difficult for the vehicles.

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