Cuautla Morelos Mexico and features of the region

The first major city on the road to the south of Cancun is Puerto Morelos. Puerto Morelos is only 28 km from Cancun International Airport and, despite the construction boom of the last five years in Mexico, is famous among tourists around the world as a place of relaxing holidays on the Caribbean coast with a succession of endless white beaches.

The town Cuautla Morelos is located directly on the federal highway Cancun–Tulum. The city has several large supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, shops, cafes, a market, many private shops where tourists can buy everything they need, from food to beach accessories. The city has the well-developed infrastructure, public transport, so you can drive to the beaches by taxi with no problems and for a good price. There’s also good security.

The resort area of Cuautla de Morelos is located a few kilometers from the road along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. From the city to the sea, you can reach the picturesque road that passes through mangroves and numerous lakes. Swimming and fishing there are not recommended because of the crocodiles.

The coast of Cuautla Morelos Mexico

On the coast of Puerto Morelos, life is a big hotel, because there are plenty of private hotels, apartments, and houses near the sea. The business card of Puerto Morelos is the central embankment with a wooden quay, a lot of fishing boats, and two “falling” beacons, which somehow resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa. On the waterfront, there are a large number of cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Tourists can relax on the beach and do snorkeling or sea fishing.

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Property in Cuautla Morelos Mexico

The property of Puerto Morelos is popular among lovers to relax from civilization and plunge into the atmosphere of a Mexican fishing village. The cost of an apartment or a house depends on its location to the sea. So, a small apartment in a condominium on the second line from the sea in Puerto Morelos can be bought for 100 thousand US dollars. For a posh villa on the beach with a swimming pool, you will have to pay tens of times more.

For those who come to relax, there is a large selection of housing both for short-period rent and for a long time rent. The cost of daily rental apartments in Puerto Morelos starts from $50 per day for a small apartment and up to several thousand for a house by the sea.