Customs Clearance without Mooring

woman in black crew neck t-shirt standing beside woman in white t-shirt

STS Logistics Branch in Saint Petersburg completed customs clearance of equipment under delivery to Achinsk Refinery.

Customs clearance became another stage of joint activities with Beluga Projects Logistic and Polar Trans to deliver four crude oil processing reactors and two dumb barges to Russia. The barges were purchased by the carrier under this project and shipped to Russia together with primary cargo. They are intended for subsequent shipping of the reactors from Dudinka Sea Port to Achinsk Refinery by river.

In the course of customs clearance, Hansa Heavy Lift freight ship was in the inner harbor of Murmansk Sea Port without actually being moored. The reactors and barges were cleared at the post of Murmansk Sea Port, the Murmansk Customs.

“Customs clearance was over within one business day. We are actively working with oil and energy sector companies, and can offer individual solutions and delivery dates to our clients, considering their business needs,” informed Aleksandr Gerankov, STS Logistics Saint Petersburg Branch Director. The ship is currently under offloading in Dudinka Sea Port.

Achinsk Refinery is the sole large oil refining works in Krasnoyarsk Krai, and it also plays a significant role in the petroleum product market of the nearby regions. The plant specializes in production of motor and aviation fuel, producing over 100 names of petroleum products. These products are sold on the territory of Krasnoyarsk Krai and nearby regions, and also exported.

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