Why do we need data weighing systems? What are the advantages of using them?

Perhaps, we all know that the largest quantity of cargo in the world is transported through the unique strategy, availability, and reliability of the container transportation system. The essence of the procedure is simple – the cargo is placed in a special metal transport unit (weighing equipment), which is later placed on the transport platform with a sight.

Data weighing systems: sea containers in the port are the main principle of transport safety.

Weighing containers is a new requirement of SOLAS

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Whatever strange it may sound for a person far from the sphere of container transportation, today the weighing system for a container before loading onto a ship is not always carried out. At the same time, most often the weighing of insecure cargo and the crew of sea vessels is calculated, and the need to bring cargo through customs. This was the reason for the huge number of marine accidents, which literally overwhelmed the maritime industry.


  1. The decrease in the number of accidents of transport vessels. By placing the containers on the ship, the loaders tend to maintain a balance, something that cannot be calculated without knowing the exact weight of each transport block. The most terrible in the high accident rate of transport vessels is a deadly danger to which members of the crew are exposed.
  2. Ensuring the safety of cargo. In addition to the most dangerous emergency option, overload and uneven distribution of containers on the ship often leads to a pronounced roll, which is accompanied by the loss of blocks located on the deck. Thus, as a result, thousands of modules are lost all over the world, which leads to significant losses of transport companies.
  3. Control of tax legislation in different countries. In an effort to evade the payment of customs duties, many unscrupulous transport companies are trying to lower the weight of the goods in the container module.
  4. Reducing transportation costs.
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