Learn how to contact a company that produces rep trailers

NOOTEBOOM Trailers is the leading and largest European manufacturer of trailed low-bed machinery with lifting capacity from 20 to 1,000 tons to solve the most complicated tasks in the field of oversized cargoes transportation.

Royal Nooteboom Trailers contacts

Brief information about the Royal Nooteboom Trailers company is presented here. The company’s activities are manufacturing automobiles, trucks, special cars, trailers, semi-trailers etc. Royal Nooteboom Trailers B. V. is located at Nieuweweg 190, P.O.Box 155 6600 AD Wijchen, The Netherlands.

red and white truck on road during daytime

On the following phone, you can contact the company representatives: +31 24 6488864.

To visit the official website of the organization, use the following address: https://www.nooteboom.com/.

The e-mail address for communication with the administration is [email protected]

The activity of the company

The European trailer manufacturer Nooteboom has rep trailers in the line, having from 2 to 11 axles with a hydraulic control and a load capacity of up to 134 tons. As additional equipment, it is worth noting separately the so-called trailer trolleys. The aim of these trolleys is to create an additional axle and, in fact, to turn a semi-trailer into a trailer but with the ability to maneuver with the load. First, the truck joins the tractor, and the platform is attached already to it.

The new generation of low-bed semi-trailers Pandel-X Euro, equipped with pendulum axles, ensures the contact of all wheels with the surface even at significant irregularities of terrain. Experts of Nooteboom managed to reduce the length of the chassis by 26 cm while maintaining the usable area. Semi-trailers of the Pandel-X series can be made in the version from 2 to 5 axles. If necessary, you can increase the load capacity with a trolley. Semi-trailers of this series are equipped with enlarged and deeper niches under the excavator boom.

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As for the system and many years of experience of the company, in 2012 the reins of the company were transferred to the fifth generation of the Nootebooms – Marinka, Henk’s daughter. In 2016, the company celebrated its 135th anniversary.