Details of the Mammoet crane accident – the crane overturned and got damaged

In Plaquemine, the Liebherr LR1600 model crane turned over – it was decided to transport it in the perfect working state, it was completely assembled and, unfortunately, suffered extensive damage that affected its operation.

The cause of the Mammoet crane accident was poor ground conditions and poor load distribution. Because of this, one of the tracks just dropped and a coup took place. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

Crane model

The crane LR 1600 due to the narrow track of the crawler traveling mechanism is optimal for the installation of wind power stations since it can move with the rig on the roads between the mounting sites of these stations. For lifting operations, the crane is mounted on supports.

Application of crawler cranes

The use of a crawler crane today occurs everywhere. No construction, whether large or not, will not do without the use of special equipment, namely a crawler crane. A crawler crane is the special equipment working with self-propelled machinery, which is equipped with an arrow and caterpillars on which the machine moves. Crawler vehicles are equipped with arrows, the length of which varies in proportion to the nature of the work. The devices themselves are also different, namely, they are straight, curved, and telescopic. The crawler crane itself makes a complete turn around itself.

The crawler crane is used for construction and installation works, for installation of large-block structures and technical equipment. Features of construction of crawler cranes are divided into the following types:

  1. self-propelled cranes with arrows, carrying capacity from 40 to 160 tons and more, differing personal drive for individual mechanisms

  2. excavators, which operate from a mechanical box, are made on the basis of an excavator unit. Such crawler excavators do not have high carrying capacity; they can lift no more than 50 tons.

The very speed of moving the crane is not sufficient for the authorized departure to the site, so the crane is dismantled and partially delivered to the destination.

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Crawler cranes can be additionally equipped with:

  • a two-jaw clamshell
  • an electric magnet for dragging metal parts and structures
  • installation for pile-driving applications
  • own power plant, as a separate source of charge
  • hook-type clips.

Application and operation of the track crane

The use of a crawler crane in construction and other installation works greatly facilitates and constructively affects the work process. They have extremely good cross-country ability, which ensures their use in hard-to-reach places. Crawler cranes are capable of moving self-propelled if the surface permits. For the productive operation of the crawler crane does not require a specially prepared working area, they have the ability to turn, both with and without cargo, and when installing equipment, the block material is delivered in a vertical position.