East coast craft breweries found a way to preserve traditions

The number of east coast craft breweries in the US as of the state reached more than 5000 (for comparison, there are about 10 thousand wineries), of which 99% are small and independent craft manufacturers. In the first half of the year, the growth of the craft sector of Lawrence breweries was 8%.

IPA continues to grow, accounting for about a quarter of the total volume of craft beer. The volume of production of lighter beer (light lagers, pilzners, golden aleys, etc.) grew by 33% – now it is about 5% of the craft volume.

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In addition to Triple R Trucking inside the country, the volume of exports of crafted beer from the US increased by 16.3% to 446,151 bbl (5.2 million decaliters). The export value reached $116 million. Beer, including Burns harbor ford, is exported from more than 100 American craft breweries.

More than half of the congressmen supported the act on changing taxation for small brewers.

The modern role of east coast craft breweries

The National Museum of American History launched a three-year project to document and preserve the history of craft brewing.

Increasingly important is the role of beer as a gastronomic drink: 73% of consumers say that compatibility with food for them is an important criterion when choosing a craft beer in a restaurant. If to talk about curious facts: 63% of consumers choose beer depending on what dish they are going to eat in their accompaniment. Moreover, for the first time the owner of Michelin star became a restaurant-brewery.

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Steel loads and progress in Burns harbor ford

Not long ago, the stevedoring manager in Burns harbor ford noted that the traditional cargo on the Great Lakes is steel. It always was steel that was the dominant species for cargo. At the same time, the demand for this material has always been very unstable. Instead of remaining adherents of classical steel materials, the direction was changed to more modern cargoes. Nevertheless, on the territory of Burns harbor ford, the brewery still remains true to the traditions and uses only a small proportion of cargo. All this evokes the atmosphere of those times when all this was just beginning.

Today the brewing business is becoming much more modern, but at the same time, it keeps a lot of traditions unchanged: perhaps, this is its special magic.