The development of Triple R brewing through transport

Triple R brewing equipment transportation

Trucking companies offer services for the delivery of industrial, construction, agricultural, medical, and other types of equipment from Italy around the world – from India to Multiply Indiana. St Lawrence brewing company is among the main clients – it can be a revolution harbor brewing. Transportation of equipment is carried out in containers (by sea and by road) in a period of 7 to 10 days. For transportation of heavy and (or) oversized equipment, specialized transport is provided – low-bed trawls, trailers, and semi-trailers, heavy-duty trucks, and equipment – containers of types OT, Platform, HT, HC.

Types of equipment

silver and gray machines

Supply logistics is divided into the following types of equipment:

  • confectionery and macaroni – for the production of cookies, biscuits, pasta (long and short, special formats)
  • furniture (drilling-filler, copy-milling machines)
  • for catering establishments – ovens for pizzerias, tables, dough dividers, vegetable cutters, slicers, pizza presses, etc.
  • packaging and packing (horizontal and vertical packaging machines)
  • for mini-breweries, craft and industrial breweries, as well as additional units and components for them – heat exchangers, fermentation fabrics, kieselguhr filters, yeast tanks
  • refrigerating machines and chillers (with air and water cooling), precision air conditioners, condensing units, air conditioners, condensers, heat exchangers and other climatic equipment
  • solid fuel, steam, and hot water boilers, superheated water generators, gas, diesel, combined burners for use in the food industry, everyday life, in production
  • metalworking – grinding and sizing, milling mills, presses for metal
  • woodworking – for the production of doors, windows, furniture, sawmills, paint, drying machines
  • construction – for concrete goods, cutting and bending reinforcement, production of asphalt concrete, tower and mobile cranes
  • shopping – shop windows, counters, refrigerators, etc.
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Upon delivery of the equipment in a disassembled form, the specialists will check the availability of instructions and assembly drawings.

Also, services are provided for the transport of spare parts, components, removable devices and equipment for agricultural machinery, building towers, cranes. Spare parts and accessories are delivered with the equipment or on demand – as a part of service.