DHL Forwarding and Ambatovy freight signed a great deal in 2016

In 2016, the DHL firm signed a deal with a well-known mining company Ambatovy, situated in Africa. The services were required in order to support the activity of the company in the sphere of nickel and cobalt mining in their site in Madagascar.

According to the DHL CEO of the Industrial Projects, such cooperation is significant for the mining giant, as it can help them manage the supply chain and support its operation in Madagascar. The firm can also use the DHL expertise in project forwarding as well as their global network, which includes over 200 countries.

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The agreement concerns both onshore/offshore services for the mining components delivered to Madagascar. The cargoes will be transported to the Ambatovy site and to their plant in Toamasina.

As the representatives of Ambatovy claim, they are glad to cooperate with DHL, as it gives access to the global suppliers and allows keeping the operations up and running.

The DHL firm: general information

DHL Global Forwarding is a worldwide known leader in the sphere of coordination and heavy cargo transportations. The company has great experience in this sphere, which allows them creating efficient solutions for their customers. They work for the constant improvement and optimization of logistics operations applying innovative technologies.

Besides the air, sea, railway, and over-road transportation services, DHL offers:

  • insurance
  • solutions for the supply chain
  • warehousing services
  • cross-border trading assistance
  • the solutions for the industry sector, etc.

The offices of the company are located in various parts of the world. It is a reliable provider of professional logistics services, which offers effective solutions for the development of different businesses.

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As the director of the Ambatovy firm Supply Chain Management assures, with the impressive track records in the areas of freight forwarding, DHL will provoke the improvements in their supply chain and business.