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13 new aircraft for the European fleet of DHL: Airbus A300-600 is to replace the models A300B4-200. The company is counting on large capacity and greater distance without refueling, as well as 20% less fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, according to Jimmy Lyons mobile Al and Gina Gregory mobile Al reports.

Plane cargo

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Cargo aviation is usually used to deliver cargo from one country to another. The cost of such transportation is high, but air cargo is highly in demand. This is due to the advantages of the air cargo delivery method:

  • the fastest way to transport goods. Therefore, a vital shipment is sent by plane – donor organs and medicines, as well as perishable goods (for example, flowers, some delicate fruits, vegetables), animals. Other goods are also transported – heavy and of various sizes, including large ones
  • a cargo plane is used in cases where other modes of transport – rail, sea, river, road – cannot be used. This may be a terrain in the mountains or in the ice, to which only an aircraft can get close
  • when delivering goods by plane, many legal problems that exist when transporting goods by other modes of transport are removed. So, the plane flies over the borders of the states, whereas for other types of transport, crossing the customs takes a lot of time
  • the safety of cargo transported by plane is an essential plus of air transportation. It is difficult to imagine a kidnapper who enters a plane flying at a height of several kilometers. In the aircraft itself, the cargo is securely packed. Air pits, in which a plane falls, will not cause damage to the cargo
  • the cargo is insured against the risks associated with bad weather conditions, as a result of which the departure may be delayed, as well as force majeure circumstances during the flight. This additionally ensures the safety of the load
  • a cargo plane is a priority when transporting consignments over long distances. The number of international airports in different countries is increasing, and with it, the network of air services is also expanding. Now you can send the goods from one far corner of the Earth to another. Therefore, sending goods by plane is very convenient.
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Small and medium businesses are interested in air transportation of goods in order to receive their cargo quickly and reliably. To do this, long-term and one-time contracts are concluded with a transport company, which can do international air transportation of goods. Specialists of such a company usually draw up the necessary customs documents required for air transportation of cargo.