Diesel Generators Arrived at NPP

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The first batch of diesel generator units (DGU equipment) was received at Leningrad II NPP. They had been manufactured at Wartsila Finland OY works and are designated for power generation unit No. 1.

Two essential diesel generators, weighing 140 tons each, were delivered to St. Petersburg Sea Port along the Gulf of Finland, and then trucked to Leningrad II NPP construction site with further stacking by high-capacity crane Liebherr 1350 onto specially arranged site next to emergency diesel power station building, as reported by LNPP II press service.
As you may recall, the project covers five sets of diesel generator units for each PGU: four essential DGUs and one normal DGU with the capacity of 6.3 MW each.
“Diesel generator units increase the NPP safety. In case of upset conditions (shutdown of external power supply), they will provide power to all main process equipment in order to set the reactor unit into safe mode. Start-up of all five DGU sets is mandatory for delivery of nuclear fuel to site and is an important stage of preparation of PGU No. 1 for physical launch,” explained Andrei Morozov, Head of Leningrad II NPP electric shop. He also added that delivery and installation of three remaining DGU sets was scheduled for early 2016.
Leningrad II NPP (LNPP II) is a nuclear power plant under construction in Sosnovy Bor (Leningrad Oblast). Leningrad II NPP construction project NPP-2006 is part of the long-term Rosatom program for 2009-2015. Electrical capacity of each of the four power generation units at Leningrad II NPP of VVER-1200/491 type is estimated at 1,198 MW.

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