Find out more about the Director General of the Federal Transport Authority

H.E. Dr. Abdullah Salem Al Katheeri

The person you can see in the photo is a great specialist in the logistics industry.

He obtained Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the Carleton University. Besides, Abdullah Salem Al Katheeri also has and certificates in the same field, which were obtained in the USA.

He has a great career with almost 30 years of experience. During his life, he occupied many leading positions including:

  • Manager of Transportation (one of the positions in Abu Dhabi Municipality)
  • Executive Director for Land Transport Section (one of the positions in Federal Transport Authority).

The current position occupied by the specialist is Director General. He still works for FTA contributing to its development.

Al Katheeri is the author of many strategic plans as well as national transport plans and regulations (for land and railway transport). The man is also a member and founder of several local and regional committees.

Al Katheeri keeps taking an active part in various events, such as conferences, regional meetings, etc.

Federal Transport Authority

The FTA is an organization, which is responsible for land and maritime transport. It is recognized as a federal entity, which has an independent corporate personality and budget. There are lots of goals for the organization, which are:

  • environmental impact of transport
  • safety of transportations
  • regulation of the land and maritime transport
  • sustainability of transport
  • challenges handling, etc.

They work in order to make transport innovative and meet the regional and international needs. The organization is striving for the provision of high-quality services. Their principles are transparency, cooperation, institutional loyalty, and competency.

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Al Katheeri at Breakbulk Middle East

Al Katheeri became one of the important guests of Breakbulk Middle East 2017. He also took part in the press conference. The event was organized at the National Exhibition Center of Abu Dhabi. There were lots of visitors and exhibitors, who shared their knowledge, experience, and strategies.

Dr. Abdullah Salem Al Katheeri was among the guests during the press conference 2018, which was carried out at the end of January.

More information concerning the Breakbulk events, the issues discussed, and the participants might be found on the official website of the forum.