The Duluth Port Authority has announced a new Director of Business Development

In July of 2015, Kathryn Ferguson was appointed as a Director of Business Development by the Duluth Port Authority. The woman has great knowledge and experience in the field of logistics. For Ferguson, transportation sphere has always been the first priority in the educational pursuits. She obtained a bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin. Superior with the specialization of logistics management and computer information systems. After this, Kate got her MBA at the Minnesota Duluth University. Now she studies at the North Dakota State University obtaining a doctorate in transportation and logistics.

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Besides the special education, Ferguson has got impressive experience working in this sphere. She worked in several large companies:

  • Essentia Health
  • Great Lakes Fleet
  • Canadian National Railway
  • CN Supply Chain Solutions.

Kate has more than 10 years of experience, which she has spent analyzing and improving the efficiency of cargo transportation as well as focusing on the business development, project management, and contract administration.

Her new position will bring lots of benefits to the Port of Duluth. Ferguson’s key purposes are cooperation with the companies, which are interested in both domestic and international trade, the development and retaining of the business, and finally the coordination of its expansion.

General information about the Duluth Port

It is the biggest port of the Great Lakes, which sees about 1,000 vessels yearly. It is one of the transportation centers of the region with the largest tonnage, which moves 38,000,000 tonnes of cargo on average every year. The types of loads include:

  • salt
  • iron ore
  • cement
  • heavy-lift cargoes
  • limestone
  • coal
  • project cargo
  • grain.
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The contribution of the port to the local economy exceeds $1.5 billion.

The authority of the Duluth Port is an independent public agency, which has been established by the officials of Minnesota. The new Director will definitely bring the new wave of the development to the port and to the regional economy in general.