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About Duluth seaway port authority and the city itself

Duluth locates in Minnesota; it’s a port at an altitude of 185 m above sea level on the shores of Lake Superior, the largest and coldest of the Great Lakes system. This determined the basis of its economy – cargo handling. Tourism is also developed in the city. One of the unofficial names for Duluth is the air-conditioned city. The climate is humid, windy, one of the coldest in the United States (excluding Alaska). The lake also significantly affects the climate of the city. The average daily temperature from mid-November to early April does not exceed 0 C. Precipitations fall 727 mm per year, in the summer they fall mainly in the form of light rain or drizzle, in winter – in the form of snow. The average annual temperature is +3.8 C. The population of Duluth is about 90,000 people. About a third of the inhabitants are descendants or natives of Scandinavia. Slightly less than 20% of residents are of German origin. Among the natives of Duluth is Bob Dylan. You can get to Duluth by plane with transfers in New York and Minneapolis, and don’t forget to visit lake Superior marine museum association!

Interesting fact

white and brown boat on body of water near city buildings during daytime

Which port for ocean-going ships is the furthest inland? Ports that have the ability to enter ships with a large draft are often located deep in the land, for example, on the banks of large rivers that flow into the sea.

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One of the main contenders for the title of the farthest ocean port in the depth of land in the city of Duluth in the continental state of Minnesota (USA). Thanks to the sea route of St. Lawrence, ocean-going ships go from the Atlantic Ocean into the Great American Lakes and reach the farthest of them – Lake Superior. Duluth stands on its bank. The path from the sea is 3700 km. Duluth is also known for the birth of Bob Dylan, the winner of Nobel Prize in literature.

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