Education day with the support of professionals will become a road to a bright future

Many say that Break bulk is able to meet applicants with a variety of career options, even those that have not previously been considered. This event is also aimed at strengthening knowledge, providing the most useful information and establishing links with the most influential colleagues. The conference will literally become a step into the future, will motivate and inspire, giving a lot of new information about the future career.

More details about the Nagel tours during the education day program

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In order to support the need for education, which is constantly growing, the Education Day was created. In fact, this is a really useful event, which is conducted in active cooperation with the Maritime Exporters Council. Also on this day, the morning part of the program consists entirely of information blocks that contain a lot of data about the project cargo and transshipment industries. Participants discuss the objectives of this industry. The main target audience of these projects is those who begin their careers in this industry. Much time and attention are given to case studies in the learning process, the main purpose of which is to explain the process. In the second part of the event, everything is more dynamic. At this time, students are introduced to the exhibits.

Exhibitions on the education day USA

As for exhibitions, tours are conducted by the heads of the committee members. Each guide has his or her own separate group, which he or she conducts around the hall, demonstrates work of packers, forwarders, and carriers. At the same time, all the exhibits are to be discussed in detail and thoroughly with the participants.

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