Edwards moving and rigging company carried out large-scale cargo transportation

The shipping company called Edwards moving and rigging transported an impressive cargo at a distance of 400 miles. The obverse of the Edwards rigging was the rotor trailer, which weighed 86 tons. The delivery was possible with the 125T Aspen trailer from Edwards. This trailer has a special reinforced configuration with two strips. The trailer was formed in an 8-axis configuration with two lanes.

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In September, the owner of Faktor 5 was the American transport company Edwards Moving & Rigging. This is the fifth Faktor 5 produced by the Bavarian plant since the launch of this model in production in 2012. Also, in combination with 40 axial lines connected together, it is the longest vehicle at the moment with a bridge beam farm on the American continent – its total length is 86 meters.

For the first time EM&R acquired 12 axes of Goldhofer in 1999. Today it is a key partner of Goldhofer in North America – in the company’s park of 180 axles. “We have been buying Goldhofer equipment for a long time and I am very pleased with this decision. Goldhofer is a reliable partner that we can count on. With the new bridge beam farm from Goldhofer we are entering the leading positions in the Higher League of Heavy Carriage,” says the founder and owner of the company Mark Edwards. “Now we are the owners of unique equipment and, accordingly, a unique offer on the market.” The purchase of Goldhofer Faktor 5 is the beginning of a new stage in our work,” he added.

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Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft, agrees that the use of a bridge beam farm with a carrying capacity of 500 tons takes Edwards Moving & Rigging to a qualitatively new level: “To be a leader in a changing market, we need to develop together with it, for example, in the energy industry. The generators and transformers produced now are becoming more powerful and, consequently, bigger and heavier. If you are counting on orders, your equipment must in turn be designed for the appropriate loads and volumes.”

Mark Edwards christened his new acquisition as “Miss Audrey” in honor of his first great-granddaughter. “This purchase,” he explained, “marks a new stage not only for our business, but also for our family.”

“We have already planned five transport operations using the new Goldhofer Faktor 5,” Edwards continues, “now we can transport oversized cargo in its entirety, not in parts, for several trips, which will make our work more efficient.” We are already one of the three largest transport companies in North America, and with the acquisition of new equipment from Goldhofer, we expect to become a leader.”

Soon the new equipment will show itself in action – the Goldhofer bridge beam farm “Faktor 5” in combination with 72 axles will be used to transport a 700 mW transformer over a distance of more than 50 kilometers.

Features of the aspen trailer

Bulk hatboxes did not become a hindrance during transportation. The trailer is friendly enough to the bridge, as it can expand to the right parameters even while driving. When removing bulk hatboxes, long items can be moved on separate steering trolleys. Edwards moving and rigging today specializes in the delivery of heavy goods throughout North America.

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