Ekin was selected to deliver Cat Pipelayers with the weight of 42,865 kilograms each

The delivery of the Pipelayers created by the Caterpillar company was fulfilled by the logistics firm Ekin Heavy & Project Cargo Transportation based in Turkey. It was the major cargo, which was meant to be used in the TANAP project. The latest stands for Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline.

The Ekin company shipped several CAT PL-87 Pipelayers via 21 low-beds. In order to transport the accessories for the components of the Pipelayers, another ten standard trucks were required. The weight of each Pipelayer totaled almost 42,900 kilograms.

gray steel rod lot

The cargo was produced by the Caterpillar firm with the head office in the USA. The route of the transportation laid from Azerbaijan (Shah Deniz gas field) to Europe crossing Turkey. Thus, the transportation of fuel to the European countries became possible.

The construction of the pipeline for the TANAP project started in March of 2015. Ekin was responsible for every stage of transportation:

  • loading operations
  • customs clearance
  • various permissions.

It demonstrates the fact that the Ekin Transportation company has played a great role in the TANAP project.

Ekin: general information

Ekin is a well-known transportation company, which works with various types of cargoes. It was founded more than 35 years ago. Today it is known as a professional in the logistics sphere all over the world. The firm is based in Turkey but works with the international routes, which direct to Europe and Asia.

The key advantages of the company are:

  • top-level methods
  • good road survey
  • coherence
  • safety
  • great experience.

Ekin offers the transportation of over-dimensional cargoes with the maximum weight of 700 tonnes (such as materials, cranes, turbine, and the other pieces of machinery) by means of special equipment. The services of the firm include the customs cargo and various Break bulk solutions. Ekin owns a great number of hydro-modular system platform trailers, which allow it meeting the customers’ expectations. The firm is also a PCN member.

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