New contract for cooperation between Emirates sky cargo and Cargolux airlines

Emirates sky cargo announced the conclusion of a memorandum with the company Cargolux airlines: the reason for it was the mutual understanding reached regarding partnership. Of course, the main joint projects for the two companies are Skycargo.

The main aircraft from the Emirates company will be emirates 747-8, and Cargolux will get access to the distribution network. At the same time, the scale of the interaction is really amazing: more than 150 points in 83 countries.

The beginning of cooperation is planned for 2017: the start will be made in Luxembourg. At the same time, the cargo at both sites will be carried out in the same territory. Cargolux airlines decided to increase the frequency of traffic to unload nodes: now there will be more than three per week.

Ambitious projects of Emirates Skycargo

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SkyCargo has increased its turnover to 1.3 million tonnes during the six previous months, while profitability increased by 8%.

The Dubai parent company announced of the carrier: “This recent performance is indicative of Emirates SkyCargo’s latest investments in various spheres adapted to the main sectors, and it is also a sign of some kind of resurrection inside the transportation market.” The company increased cargo shipments by 25% to 1.5 million tonnes, with 11% growth in aircraft processed and revenue growth of 7% to 1.7 billion US dollars, while revenues increased by 20% to 180 million US dollars.

These figures reflect new clients’ contracts acquired throughout the work on some locations and the increasing of volumes of the cargo in the world.

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For the last half of the year, the company continued to improve its worldwide reputation with the help provided by the AirLogistix USA. It marked the entry into the local US market. In addition, the company deployed the services to Australia and even Pakistan. In addition, another base has been opened in Singapore, and a new cargo complex has started its work in Adelaide.

The revenue was 13.5 billion US dollars for the first six months of the financial year, which is 6% more in comparison with the last year.

Operating expenses of Emirates grew by 4% compared to a total capacity increase of 2%. On average, fuel costs were 14% higher than the same period last year, which was mainly due to rising oil prices, as well as fuel increase to the lifting site in connection with the expansion of operations of the Emirates fleet.

Fuel has kept the largest element of the airline’s costs, accounting for 26% of operating expenses compared to 24% in the first half of the last year.

Skycargo technical equipment

Emirates SkyCargo is a cargo division of the company’s general base. To date, they have 260 aircrafts, including 13 cargo Boeings.

Chairman and CEO of Emirates Airline said that their margins continued meeting some very significant pressure and the high level of competition. The price for oil also has risen and the EA still has to work with the weak economic almost everywhere. Nevertheless, the company was able to improve its revenue and profit figures. This shows the stability of the business model and also the high level of people’s efficiency.”

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