How can you have fun at the Break bulk festival?

The upcoming exhibition promises to be very exciting and interesting. At the event, you can have fun and will certainly please yourself not only useful, but also pleasant emotions. Enjoy the feeling of the holiday: have fun, play, eat, drink, and just have a good time!

Additional features

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As for real entertainment, try not to miss them. A variety of meetings and special promotions will allow you to get more for a lower price. Be sure to scan your badge when visiting exhibitions to get a chance to win a portable microphone. You do not need to attend the event to become a winner: just try your luck!

The schedule of free entertainment that you can visit is completely accessible: you can study it at any time convenient for you. At the event, there is a booth with a huge number of different types of beer for free tasting. In fact, the event has its own small Oktoberfest.

Contrary to public opinion, Oktoberfest – or Wisn, as the locals call it – is not a beer festival, but a celebration of the wedding anniversary of the Bavarian Crown Prince Louis and his wife, Princess Theresa Saxe-Hildburgausen. When the lovers were married in 1810, the members of the royal family decided to celebrate the event with a mass celebration.

In 1819, horse races were replaced by beer trade. Enthusiastic monarchists are still raising beer mugs in honor of the newlyweds, thanks to whom all this became possible.

Also you can take a photo for memory and enjoy live music. Use your chance to win valuable prizes!

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