Oversize Equipment Shipped to Omsk

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On July 25 the load-out of column and heat transfer equipment, manufactured for AO Gazpromneft-Oil Refinery, took place from OAO VolgogradNefteMash jetty. The fractionator, 49 meters high and weighing more than 280 tons, the 16-meter absorber weighing 133 tons, and two twinned heat exchangers with a total weight of 305 tons left for Omsk along the route passing through the Volga, Northern Sea Route, the Ob and the Irtysh.

As you may remember, two weeks ago three huge columns had been also sent to the client. The largest of them is 64 meters high, diameter – 5.7 meters, and weight – 300 tons. They will be used to fit out the Deep Oil Conversion Plant at Omsk Refinery.

The equipment has a long way to go before Omsk: at first, upstream the Volga, then along the Northern Sea Route and after that – along the Ob and the Irtysh Rivers. Motor transportation is arranged by OOO Volga-Don-Transservice, while OOO Volgo-Baltic Logistic is managing delivery by waterways.

As mentioned by Oleg Tolochyok, General Director of Volga-Don-Transservice, the company is arranging trucking of 10 OOG and heavy pieces of cargo along the plant route from the boiler-welding shop to special jetty on the Volga. As of July 01 of the current year, Volga-Don-Transservice together with another motor carrier, Keen-Mark from St. Petersburg, and the Privolzhskaya Railway (providing ‘gaps’ with contact wire de-energization, dismantling/installation of overhead power lines, etc.) transported five overdimensioned cargoes, including the columns, the largest one weighing 346.8 tons, as well as the heat exchanger and the absorber.

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In early August, following these vessels, the coke drums unique in their weights and dimensions (four vessels weighing 636 tons each), and the crude distillation unit will be shipped along the same route. Seven HP heat exchangers with Breech Lock devices will also be dispatched.

At the present time, Omsk Refinery (Gazpromneft) is implementing the project on construction of oil pre-processing plant ELOU-AVT. Its capacity will make 8.4 MTA of oil and 1.2 MTA of stable gas condensate. It is planned to start up ELOU-AVT by the beginning of 2019. Contracts on delivery of prolonged manufacturing cycle equipment – rectification columns, compressors and furnaces – have been signed with the largest producers of oil and gas equipment, including VolgogradNefteMash. As noted at the refinery, the schedule of manufacturing is very tight, since all the vessels for Omsk Refinery will be delivered to the destination point along the NSR in the short period of navigation.