Erickson was selected by Rokstad Power for the transportation of 7,500 tonnes of materials

The Canadian power line services firm Rokstad signed a contract with the aviation specialist Erickson for the transportation of the heavy materials to the site of the company. The total weight of the cargo was estimated at 7,500 tonnes. The transportation was performed over elevations of 6,000 feet.

Erickson applied their helicopters-based equipment to deliver cargo to the job site of the Brucejack Mine in Stewart, BC. Erickson used Aircrane s64, which appeared to be able to provide accurate placement and safe transportation.

white and black truck near mountain at daytime

According to the Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) vice president in Erickson (Rob Lewis), S-64 has been designed for the application at high elevations and transportation to the remote locations. The performed projects have become another proof of S64 helicopter-based Aircrane’s efficiency.

However, it is not just the high-quality equipment that has determined the success of the project. The professionalism of the company crew, their great experience in heavy-lift cargo transportation over rugged terrain, and precision placement capabilities have played an essential role as well.

Erickson: general information about the company

Erickson is the American well-known manufacturer and operator of aircrafts. The company has a headquarters in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 1971. The greatest achievement of the firm is S64 Aircrane helicopter, which has made Erickson recognizable all over the world. The equipment has been applied in various heavy lift operations, which have proved its effectiveness. The main principles of the firm are:

  • reliability
  • safety
  • precision.

Today they are considered an international provider of various services in the sphere of aviation. The specializations of the company include:

  • national defense & security
  • gas & oil
  • firefighting
  • timber harvesting
  • manufacturing
  • power line construction, etc.
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The fleet of the company consists of about 70 aircrafts, among which there are both rotary- and fixed-wing ones.

There are several categories:

  • medium-weight
  • light-weight
  • heavy-weight.

S64 model refers to the heavy lift category. There are 20 aircrafts of such type in total.

The firm has offices and partners not only in North America but all over the globe:

  • the Middle Eastern states
  • Africa
  • European countries
  • South America
  • Asia and the other parts of the world.

Erickson aims at not just producing but also maintaining, operating, and servicing their innovative aircrafts.

Rokstad Power

Rokstad is a company, which provides the customers with the full range of power line maintenance and construction services. The head office of the firm is situated in the western part of Canada. With over 600 employees and their impressive fleet of equipment, Rokstad works in plenty of strategic locations in the USA and Canada.

The key aim of the firm is to meet the growing demands of the population for electricity. For this purpose, they keep rebuilding aging electric power infrastructure.

In 2013, the Rokstad Power company achieved COR certification in BC and Alberta.

The cooperation with Ericson will definitely become a new stage of the growth for both companies.