Visit the event named in honor of Jerry Nagel, where you will learn useful and promising things

According to the participants, the Break bulk conference is a great chance for everyone to show themselves and get the most out of it. It is always a great honor and an excellent opportunity for every student to get the maximum possible prospects and see the right direction of his or her own development. The purpose of the event is to introduce students to the most diverse career options that a person is capable of. Perhaps, before you attend this event, you do not even think about something alike, but the conference will surely open your eyes and give you incredible inspiration.

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In addition, this is a unique opportunity to connect students with a fairly narrow Maritime Administration.

The main objectives of the exhibition named after Jerry Nagel

The need for education is constantly growing. This conference was named and created in honor of Jerry Nagel, who was an honorary winner of the Break bulk Award. Today this day includes a whole series of different sessions on the project and transport industry, helps solve problems. The project was specifically designed and developed for those who are just starting their career. This involves the professionals of their business and wise leaders who really have something to share.

Since the foundation of the project has changed significantly, it has expanded and now takes much more than 2,400 students: this is the number of visitors attended the event for the first time.

Students can participate for free, as well as any other, non-student. The infrastructure and logistics of the event are quite convenient: all visitors are offered exhibition tours, at which various professionals talk about the specifics of their activities. All lecturers will easily answer your questions and give correct advice.

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The event is held with the support of the Maritime Council, which is an alliance of industry representatives involved in project cargo transportation.