See the most essential breakbulk issues in Australia and Oceania

Australian and Oceania logistics activity

Australia and Oceania are two regions, which are recognized as one of the central transportation sectors. The key direction for Australia/Oceania is water transportations. On the website, you can find many interesting topics, for instance:

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  • Stockyard Hill contract: the contract is won by Blue Water – a famous cargo carrier. They will be responsible for the load’s transportation for a Wind Farm in Victoria. The cargo contains 149 turbines, while the route of transportation lays though China and Australia. As a result, about 3,000 elements will be delivered. The cargo movement promises to be very transparent.
  • AAL extension: the shipping line (a part of Cypriot group) decided to enlarge the facilities on the Australian coast. It is connected to the growing frequency of sailings because of the big volumes of oil, gas, and other infrastructure loads. It is the only company, which continued supporting the region.
  • The transportation of conveyor elements from China: the shipment was carried out by Project Shipping from Shanghai. The cargo was about 7,000 cubic meters in volume.
  • The changes in the representation of Roll Group: the representation is Australasia and Oceania has recently changed by ending the partnership with Nick Doggett. The group itself offers various lifting and transport services for different industries, such as oil and gas, civil sector, renewable recourses, etc.
  • Monthly services launch by BBC Chartering: the new services are created in order to link Australia, Oceania, Persian Gulf, and India. In the beginning, they plan to offer about 18 voyages. The fleet of the company totals about 150 ships with the capacity up to 38,000 tonnes.
  • Adelaide barge is delivered by Freightplus: the cargo was 57-meters long. The delivery was fulfilled from Singapore to Australia.
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Australia and Oceania: the current situation in the breakbulk industry

The logistics sphere of the region keeps developing. As you can read in the news, the companies work on the extension of their fleet and general expansion of the services. Thus, it is possible to connect more and more locations all over the world.

More information concerning the innovations in the logistics field of the described regions and the development of the sphere is available on the website. Select the topic you are interested in and find out more details.