Meet the revolutionary EURO-PX low-loader by Nooteboom

In 2005, the manufacturer made a revolutionary thing creating the first EURO-X generation loader combining pendle axles with an excavator trough. It was made using the most advanced technologies in order to expand the transportation opportunities of the vehicles.

Despite its enormous sizes, the machinery is easy to operate as any low-loader and very maneuverable with the comfortable steering, high load capacity, and stroke of a modular trailer. Since 2005, Nooteboom has been working on the development of the vehicles.

In 2009, they managed to modernize them increasing the stroke, optimizing the distribution of weight, integrating air tanks, and adding some other options for the safety and reliability of the trailers. The loaders received the following characteristics:

  • stroke: 600 mm
  • number of axles: 2-6
  • type of suspension: hydro-pneumatic
  • axle type: SAF/BPW
  • width axle bogie: 2,520/2,740/2,840/2,990 mm
  • axle distance: 1,360/1,510 mm
  • axle load: 12/14 tonnes per axle (with the speed of 80 km/h).

Among the other positive moments, we can mention the tire wear, which is very durable (over 300,000 km). The load floor of the Euro-X trailer is adjustable with the lowest and the highest positions to satisfy any demands.

Consider the standard package of the trailer under discussion:

  • manual steering
  • stake pockets
  • excavator trough
  • lashing eyes.

Besides, the vehicles have a high-quality top, while their chassis is zinc sprayed. There are also several types of goosenecks, which are suitable for any tractor.

General information about Nooteboom

Nooteboom is a leading manufacturer of the transporters. Their vehicles are maneuverable, comfortable, easy to operate, and safe. The company has the impressive experience and is aimed at using innovative technologies to create the competitive products.

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Nooteboom has the wonderful reputation inside and outside Europe. They support their existent vehicles trying to modernize them and develop new creative solutions for the abnormal transport sphere.