Excavator climbs tower – you can see it with your own eyes in the material on this page

The excavator rises on a special platform upstairs or “excavator climbs tower” – this video worried the Internet after the Liebherr Company presented a model of an excavator capable of vertical lifting.

Telescopic lifting equipment (freight building hoists) provides a greater horizontal reach than any other type of hoist with a working platform. They are ideal for work in places with limited access in construction & industry.

Vertical lifting system

The VLS of assistance for telescopic loader operators is a guaranteed optimization of work processes.

The vertical lift system is actively used in various sectors – the innovative development of Wacker Neuson has gained some awards. Among them, there are several prizes for innovative creations that are important for the development of the industry. These victories are a reflection of how much attention is paid to security issues. The VLS ensures the continuity of the working process & helps the operator when working in various conditions because of the partial automation of the telescopic-typed system’s movement. The stability of the system is improved by providing an almost vertical angle of ascending & lowering.

The working process

Optimized workflow, locking the lowered speed for safety & easy operation of the machine improve transport-loading characteristics. With the help of a VLS, it is possible to work no less fast. Workers who do not have work experience receive valuable help in lifting & downloading. The abovementioned system is activated while lifting & lowering loads with the Liebherr telescopic loader. In the Liebherr telescopic loader, the VLS only works when the load is lowered because of technical nuances.

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It’s a winner of some significant awards for innovative solutions. Almost vertical movement. There is no displacement of the load moment in the longitudinal direction relatively to the machine.

Modes of operation

Two different operating modes are available:

  • stacking mode.

Liebherr telescopic loaders provide accurate, easy & safe stacking of pallets & other stacked goods in manual mode. In stacking mode, when lowering, the loading system is retracted at an angle that is bigger than 40°. At an inclination angle of less than 40°, the system’s loading is retracted only with an immediate overload threat. When using the joystick, all automatic functions are disabled.

The digging mode is made for better loading & unloading of all types of materials. The rationality of the processes is chosen so as not to reach the overload range even at the highest point of the payload.

Liebherr is not just the production of cranes: over many years of work, the company has learned to create lifting & transport equipment at such stringent standards that it retains its production value for decades. The equipment perfectly replaces the building & repair towers, is in demand in the complete set of emergency & operational rescue services, in the maintenance of engineering communications.