The large exhibition of the industry China Expo 2016

About the event: China Expo 2016

International Trade Fair for Bulk Cargo Transportation Technologies, China exhibitions 2017, another important event in China together with the Shanghai wholesale, was held recently.

The CBMI conference, Shanghai, is an event that discusses key industry perspectives.

Breakbulk conference series is an important event for carriers and senders (owners) of bulk project cargo.

Every year, under the Breakbulk brand, exhibitions are held in the USA, Germany, Russia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Since 2012, the exhibition has been held in China during special China dates with the China logo.

This year’s Annual Breakbulk China Transportation Conference & Exhibition or Breakbulk Asia 2018 specializing in bulk cargoes (raw materials: ore, coal, sand), heavyweight and large-sized piece industrial cargo and project cargo, bulk products from China, will be held in Shanghai from 26 to 28 March.

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China today is not only the largest importer of raw materials and finished products for domestic use but also a leading supplier of major foreign construction infrastructure projects, as well as one of the world’s leading investors in countries developing their natural resources, where China develops and transports them. Participants in the conference and seminars will discuss current business challenges, trends, and opportunities for a promising but complex Chinese freight market, China’s participation and role in the global market for bulk shipments and prospects for the coming years. The event will once again attract global industry leaders, well-known brand companies, to exchange the latest information and positive work experience in b2b area. The exhibition of the latest achievements in the field of freight transportation and logistics will bring together at one site shippers (industrialists, EPC, BCOS), representatives of carriers, ports, terminals, transport companies, freight forwarders, packers, other professionals, and more than 160 exhibitors. It’s the Event of 2018!

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Visitor reviews

For more than ten years, Breakbulk Europe has been a large-scale forum for professionals in the field of transport and logistics. “At the Breakbulk 2017 exhibition, one day in intensity goes beyond three. We received a maximum of each meeting, participated in discussions about the prospects of the transport and logistics business, established contacts with potential suppliers, Partners, and Clients” – this is what those who attended it said about the exhibition. Want to know what year is it in China 2018? It’s going to be another Breakbulk year!