ExxonMobil is working for the restoration of fuel and gasoline after Hurricane Sandy

Exxon Mobile support for the fuel recovery

ExxonMobile became one of the companies, which provided a significant support for the regions, which suffered from Hurricane Sandy. Their donation for the Red Cross organization in the US totaled $1 million. It was done within the framework of assistance for the regions and directed to the Caribbean region, New Jersey, and New York. In the locations impacted by the disaster, the firm doesn’t have any terminals or refineries. Their terminals are located in Massachusetts & RI and they work normally. In order to help the impacted locations, the company decided to cooperate with:

  • fuel suppliers
  • distributors
  • federal organizations
  • state-owned organizations
  • local companies, etc.

Thus, they managed to contribute to the recovery of infrastructure for the fuel supply. The actions taken included:

  • delivery of additional supplies of fuel and gasoline from the Gulf region and Canada
  • contribution to the security of the fuel sources from Exxon & Mobil facilities as well as from other stations, which are situated in the affected region
  • support of the delivery vehicles to transport fuel to the stations located in the impacted areas.

ExxonMobile also created comfortable app and locator, so it is now possible to find a station near me.

Hurricane Sandy: general data

green palm tree under blue sky during daytime

The hurricane under consideration became the most destructive disaster in 2012. The total damage reached $70 billion. It is recognized as the 2nd costliest hurricane in the US. The wind reached 185 km/h. The following locations suffered from it:

  • Greater Antilles
  • Mid-Atlantic States
  • Eastern part of Canada
  • Bermuda
  • the Bahamas.
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The number of victims died totaled 233.

ExxonMobile: general information

ExxonMobile is known as a global oil and gas company. They work in order to meet the demands of fuel all over the globe. Reaching wonderful results the company also keeps to the ethical standards.

The history of the firm started over 130 years ago. It was a small regional company. Constant growth and development helped them become the leaders of the sphere making them the largest petrochemical and petroleum enterprise on the globe.

The firm works in the majority of countries owing several brands, which are Mobil, Exxon, and Esso. They work with transportation, power, and petrochemical spheres.

For more details, visit the site of the organization.