Fagioli became responsible for 45-tonne UPM transportation to the Hebron platform

Successful transportation of UPM

Fagioli was selected for the transportation of a huge module for the topsides of the oil platform. The latest is located not far from Canada, 350 km to the southeast from Newfoundland & Labrador locations. The total weight of the elements required to transport reached 45,000 tonnes. The delivery and installation of the UPM were carried out with the help of the certification agency called RINA Services.

The shipping had a route from South Korea to the Bull Arm site. As the representatives of Fagioli claim, there were certain challenges during the transportation, such as:

  • success and safety of operation due to the conditions on the location
  • transportation process, which should have been carried out with minimal movements, as the module was very high.

As the specialists assure, the platform under discussion is planned to produce over 700 million barrels. The recourse produced will be recoverable.

The contractor company managed to reach the stability of the cargo. It was achieved thanks to the good technical analysis fulfilled by RINA Services. The latest is very experienced in this sphere.

Fagioli: general information about the company

red and white ship on sea under cloudy sky during daytime


Fagioli is an international services provider with the main office in Italy. They offer heavy lifting and transportation services in the majority of world countries.

The firm was founded in 1955 by Giovanni Fagioli. Gradually, the company became a leading handling and transportation firm in Italy. The owners invested in its development and equipment. Thus, they soon managed to expend their services and area of activity. Today they create innovative solutions for the customers. Their key principles of work are reliability, sustainability, efficiency, innovations, and loyalty. Their purpose is not just to provide the high-quality services but also to keep their leading position in the market. The company is trustworthy, which is supported by their numerous partners.

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RINA Services: general information

The company under discussion offers a wide range of services in different sectors including:

  • marine
  • infrastructure
  • transport
  • industry
  • certification.

The number of qualified specialists of the firm reaches over 3,500 people. The representatives of the company work in 65 countries across the globe. Their goal is to lead the industry to the successful future.