How to book a hotel for Break bulk Americas events? Rates and tariffs for hotel of the Americas

Staying in the hotel complex was successfully organized for all who participated in the exhibition. Pay attention to the fact that all prices and rooms have been and remain relevant only at the time of booking through the official service. You can choose rooms for yourself and for the staff, or make one number, according to your desire. Accommodation in this hotel is always distinguished by the highest level of services, as well as excellent service: you can easily book a room or clarify all the details you are interested in by phone number.

John E. Carson hotel no vacancy neon light signage

It’s also worth noting that your phone number can raise some questions if it’s new. Be sure to say that you are a client on recommendation from Break bulk. In this case, you will certainly get some privileges.

Hazards of the exhibitors housing management

Often companies that have not gone through the authorization process turn to conference participants and offer a variety of discounts. A similar situation was in Break bulk Houston 2016 and at another time. It is very important to remember that these are unofficial representatives of our company. Do not settle for an offer if you received it from the following companies and their representatives:

  • XM Corporation
  • Convention Expo Travel
  • Six Point Travel
  • Global Housing Management
  • Trade Show Housing
  • Global Housing Corporation
  • Exhibition Housing Management
  • Executive Events, Incorporated.
  • Executive Convention Travel
  • ECTC Group
  • Diamond Housing Associates
  • Silver State Convention Housing
  • Convention Housing Center
  • Global Corporate Consultants, Incorporated. (GCC Incorporated)
  • CBS International
  • Stay Right Travel, LLC.
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Most likely, they will try to convince you with a good discount, but paying penalties and various tariffs in excess of the principal amount can make the final price very unattractive. Most often, this applies to fake tariffs, on which you can lose a lot of money. Be sure to make sure that you are dealing with an official representative company to avoid problems.

Tips for OnPeak hotel booking

The official company is called OnPeak. Cooperating with it, you do not have to book hotels by phone, because this service always uses e-mail. Try to avoid companies that want to use your phone number, fax, etc, as it is guaranteed to foreign organizations.

We also advise you to apply with a letter to our company in the event that someone else’s housing company contacts you or tries to contact you. We will be glad to see your response on the site [email protected]

On every page devoted to our events, there is always an advertisement of official services for your convenience. Be careful.