Crane nuclear and its application by the forces of Sarens

Energy is the basis of the fundamentals. All the benefits of civilization, all the material spheres of human activity – from washing clothes to exploring the Moon and Mars – require energy consumption.

To date, atomic energy is widely used in many sectors of the economy. Powerful submarines and surface ships with nuclear power installations are being built. With the help of a peaceful atom, a search for minerals is carried out. Mass application of crane nuclear is now possible in all spheres of life. This applies to biology, agriculture, medicine, in the exploration of space: everywhere, where radioactive isotopes are found.

black and grey metal crane photography

At the same time, developing nuclear energy in the interests of the economy, one should not forget about the safety and health of people, since mistakes can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Nuclear power range of works that are executed

  1. Rent of crawler and mobile cranes for the construction of nuclear power facilities.
  2. Work inside the reactor building.
  3. Dismantling, installation, and replacement of equipment, steam generators.
  4. Supply of equipment using self-propelled mounting modular trolleys.
  5. Use of rigging systems, lifting hydraulic portals and mounting towers of tower type.

Work: crane nuclear training

“China General Nuclear Power Group” and the Belgian “Sarens Group” signed an agreement on cooperation in three areas: nuclear power, renewable energy, and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

As reported by the Sarens Group, cooperation in the field of nuclear energy involves the joint implementation of nuclear power plant construction projects, including design, research, and development of large-scale equipment and systems. In particular, the matter concerns NPP construction projects in Romania, the Great Britain, and China.

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Interaction in the direction of decommissioning involves the joint implementation of projects, as well as the implementation of appropriate R & D.

As the China Business News agency reported on June 25, Sarens Group, which implements projects in the US and Germany, “can open Chinese companies access to the world market of decommissioning.” It is expected that by 2030 its volume will be $100 billion.