Learn all about the structural features of the align trailer axle

The align trailer axle model has distinctive features. The most important are:

  • reliable gearbox
  • diesel engine
  • canopy
  • versatility
  • economical
  • low cost.

Specialization of such steered models is in the performance of a variety of work in these fields:

  • agricultural
  • building
  • forest.

The main features are:

  • synchronized transmission
  • power steering
  • modernized hydraulic system
  • comfortable heated cabin
  • conditioning system
  • pedal control of the hydraulic clutch.

Also, as a difference, we can distinguish:

  • the front axle with installed planetary gearboxes, has a high load capacity. It is possible to install forward wheels with dimensions 360/70 R24
  • it is possible to mount more reliable brakes
  • the electric hydraulic control is included in the set
  • it is possible to block the differential system of the rear axle by installing electro hydraulic control, which has an automatic switching system.

Power steering

blue and white light fixture

The power steering (common name – power steering) is the structural component of the steering control of the car, in which an additional force when turning the steering wheel is created using a hydraulic drive.

The simplest power steering system has a hydraulic pump drive from the engine’s crankshaft. In this amplifier, the performance is directly proportional to the rotational speed of the engine’s shaft, which is contrary to the real needs of the steering (minimum gain is required at maximum speed, and vice versa).

The perfect in terms of consumer properties and design is the electro-hydraulic power steering. Advantages of the electro hydraulic amplifier are compactness, the possibility of functioning on a non-working engine, economy due to turning on at the right time. The design of this power amplifier provides the possibility of gaining electronic control. Therefore, along with the comfort of control, the amplifier can provide easy maneuverability at low speeds, which is not available to a conventional power amplifier.

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The electro-hydraulic power steering consists of a pump unit, a hydraulic control unit, and a control system.