Firefighting trucks are successfully delivered from Austria to Mongolia

Alexander Global Logistics was selected to be the deliverer of the firefighting trucks to the Mongolian destination. The shipment started in Austria and went through Tianjin, China. For the fulfillment of the delivery, the company used roll-off and roll-on vessels. The intermediate destination was in Tianjin, where the operators transferred the trucks to the trains. The onward way to Mongolia was carried out by rail.

The purpose of trucks delivery was Ulan Bator. They were designed for the airport fire brigade working in the new airport Chinggis Khaan International. The delivery was completed successfully and strictly within deadlines.

The recent project of AGL

two red and white fire-ruck during daytime

AGL is a famous company, which has customers all over the world. Along with the firefighting trucks delivery, it had plenty of other projects. The one before the Mongolia fire trucks delivery was for RAPID Project in Malaysia, which was fulfilled for the oil & gas company Petronas. The latest is a state-run organization. The project took place in Malaysian Johor region and was devoted to the development of refinery and petrochemical sectors. The weight of the freight totaled 4,000 tonnes. It contained the equipment developed in South Korea. Among the other constructions, the cargo contained the condenser units from Spain (two units). Their sizes were as follows:

  • weight: 144 tonnes (72 tonnes for each unit)
  • length: 9.93 m
  • height: 4.06 m
  • width: 3.41 m.

AGL: general information about the company

Alexander Global Logistics is an expert in the sphere of Breakbulk cargos. They work with both full supply chain organization and individual sections of transportation. The specialists are able to find the most cost-efficient solutions in order to meet the needs of the clients. The firm is globally known. Today it has offices in many countries, such as Brazil, China, Mongolia, Sweden, Thailand, the Russian Federation etc. Headquarter of the company is situated in Germany. AGL successfully meets the challenges of the global logistics. Qualified staff is a guarantee of reliability, safety, and effectiveness.

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The company offers different services form simple heavy lifts to the transportation of factories. They are ready to face any level of complexity as they did with the firefighting trucks case transported to Mongolia in the summer of 2016.