Meet the first phase of the Moscow to Alaska train

A legendary route connecting the world parts

A railway under discussion is planned to be constructed very soon.

The first phase of the project started in 2015 and was planned to be finished in 5 years. The route will become a link between Russia, Canada, China, and the USA. The cost of the first stage of the project totaled $230 billion.

The contractors want to create a high-speed railway, which will lie through the Bering Strait connecting Canada and the US with Alaska. The route will also pass through Moscow and Beijing. As the Beijing Times reported, the length of the railway planned is about 7,000 km. To reach the purpose, it is required to create an underwater tunnel with the length of 200 km. The Chinese specialists consider such a construction possible. The key issue they are concerned about is the depth of the tunnel described. Interbering will become a contractor for the project. As the representatives of the company say, the tunnel will start in Alaska (Cape Prince of Wales location) and end at the settlement of Uelen in Russia (Chukotsky District). In order to initiate the first phase of the construction, the president of the contractor company sent a letter to the Office of the Russian president in July 2014. The president accepted the offer. Nevertheless, he expressed certain worries concerning the infrastructural problems, construction materials, and lack of support from the US.

The possibility of cooperation

To start such a complicated project, it is necessary to build strong cooperation. Today the global situation is very difficult and the relations between the countries are not stable. As a result, the completion of the project might take up to 25 years. To start the construction, it is required to change the people responsible for the decision about the cooperation. Today it is more real to build the part of the railway connecting Moscow and Beijing. As a result, it is possible to make the traveling more comfortable and shorten the time on the way from 7 to 2 days. The speed of the train planned is 350 kilometers/hour. The Russian side wanted to select the other company as a contractor but they preferred China after signing an important oil-purchase contract. The construction works are still on their way but we all hope to see the results soon.

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