Fluor is selected for the LOGCAP IV planning support by the US Army

The US Army selects Fluor for LOGCAP

The Army of the United Stated chose Fluor for the forward planning support. It is required for their LOGCAP, which refers to the US Army AFRICOM and US Army SOUTHCOM. As for the latest, the company was selected for the support in the SOUTHCOM and AFRICOM headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and in Miami, Florida.

Fluor became one among the other contractors for the support of the program. Such an award of a contract is a part of a new strategy of the Army and several Geographic Combatant Commands of the United States Department of Defense. The latest are accountable for the control and management of the military force of the country.

As the representatives of Fluor announced, they were selected for the contract because of their great experience and expertise in the mentioned regions. The specialists of the company are able to improve the efficiency of the missions and rapid response capability for contingency operations.

What is LOGCAP?

men in camouflage uniform standing near white wall

LOGCAP is a program, which is initiated by the US Army. It is aimed to augment the military force structure of the United States in various regions. The contracts are awarded to various companies:

  • DynCorp
  • Fluor Corp.
  • KBR.

The program was founded in 1985. The initial goal was to preplan contingencies.

There exist similar programs connected to LOGCAP. It is, for instance, AFCAP initiated by the US Air Force and GCCC established by the US Navy.

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Fluor mission statement


The corporation under discussion is one of the biggest companies, which works in the EPFCM sector. Besides, it is one of the largest world organizations. The specialists of the company offer creative and integrated solutions to satisfy the requirements of their clients and partners. The company offers:

  • schedule certainty
  • impressive efficiency
  • improved costs.

The company was founded more than one century ago. Fluor is known for many successfully completed projects, which brought them an excellent reputation in the global market. The departments of Fluor are located in various parts of the globe. The number of staff totals over 55,000 people.

The specialists of Fluor Corporation cooperate with the representatives of different industrial sectors. Fluor Group also works with the government. Their address and more information concerning the current activities of the corporation are available on their official website.