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Helicopter delivery to Africa

Helicopters were transported to the territory of Pretoria, which was transported by the African transportation company. Other flying equipment also often is delivered to the country, including from Russia, Italy and other countries.

AgustaWestland S.P.A

pilot taking photo of city

The abovementioned company is a world-famous manufacturer that creates helicopters. Formally, the company was founded in 2000, when the Italian Finmeccanica S.P.A. and the British GKN revealed the information about the merger of their helicopter production units: Augusta helicopter and Westlands Helicopters, respectively. At the same time, half of the share in the new company was taken out to each side. In the very beginning of the 2002, the management of the AgustaWestland consolidated unit announced that 950 workers would be fired off in the UK and the plant in Weston is closed, and all activities would be transferred to the main production site located in Jovil. A little later, in May 2004, Italian Finmeccanica bought out the share of the British GKN for 1.06 billion Euros. The deal was completed in October of the same year after its approval by the government of Great Britain. Since that moment, the company AgustaWestland begins to actively expand its presence in foreign markets. In particular, in 2005 an office started working in Philadelphia, USA. The company won a contract to create a new luxury helicopter named Marine One, which was stopped in 2009. In the middle of 2005, AW declaired the agreement to purchase a 25% stake in Bell Helicopter in the program for the construction of twin-engine multipurpose helicopters AB139. The company also increased its share in the program for the creation of civilian convertibles BA609 from 25% to 40%.

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The MI-17 helicopter delivered to Western Sahara

The Aviakon air company delivered a Mi-17 helicopter from the high-mountain Nepalese airfield Kathmandu to El Aaiun, located in Western Sahara.

The helicopter is intended for the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara. At present, representatives of 29 countries of the world are included in the composition. The ceasefire regime is maintained in the territory of Western Sahara, but as the military forces of Morocco and the Polisario continue to be here, the conflict has not been completely resolved.

It should be noted that the “Aviakon” airline regularly delivers Russian helicopter equipment to the peacekeepers in El-Ayun.