FMC filing requirements are going to become realistic for the shippers

Changes to the existing regulations and their aims

After the order of the president D. Trump, the Federal Maritime Commission of the United States made a decision to change the shipment regulations in order to make them actual for the current situation. For such a purpose, they initiated a regulatory reform task force aimed at the development of improvements.

The task force is to find:

  • unrequired regulations
  • burdensome directives
  • outdated regulations.

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The force under discussion will be controlled by Karen Gregory. The latest is a Managing Director of the agency. The force should develop the recommendations, which will bring benefits to the maritime operators. The agency is to revise the following legislation acts:

  • Shipping Act (issued in 1984)
  • Ocean Shipping Reform Act (issued in 1998 as an amendment to the Shipping Act).

Thus, all the regulations considered unrequired will be remedied. As Mike Khouri claims, such a decision can help increase the efficiency and economic advantages of the sector.

The representatives of FMC have already received many positive responses to their initiative, which means it is a good governmental strategy. They are just looking for a better way to control the work of the sector.

Federal Maritime Commission: general information

FMC of the United States is an independent federal organization, which is accountable for the control of water transportation system of the country. They work with both national and international shipment. The key aim of the agency is the benefit of exporters, importers, and finally, consumers.

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The organization has the following tasks:

  • ensure the reliability of the global transportations from and to the US
  • protect the carriers and consumers from unfair practices.

They keep monitoring the deals, maintaining confidentiality, providing various forums devoted to the industry, dealing with unfavorable conditions, etc.

Thus, the organization helps avoid different financial harm, resolve various disputes (which refer to the carriers, consumers, passengers or shippers), and license shipping firms.

FMC of the United States is regulated by the current legislation of the US related to the maritime transportation sector. To find out the principles of their work and current activity of the Federal Maritime Commission, visit the official website of the organization.