A Trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow

city skyline under orange and blue sky during sunset

Since early February this year, a transport operation has been underway to deliver power equipment produced by Siemens Group for the power unit CCGT-420 under construction (CHP-20, OAO Mosenergo). Combined scheme is applied to transport the equipment to Moscow – river, motor and rail transport.

The first equipment arrived in the Sea Port of Saint Petersburg from Rotterdam in the evening of May 21. HR Recognition vessel delivered the gas turbine and its generator, ACS for gas and steam turbine, as well as auxiliary equipment of Siemens-produced power unit to the port of the Northern Capital. The cargo weighed 1,400 tons, volume – 5,500 cubic meters.

In St. Petersburg, the heavy lifts were reloaded onto the barge BN-1 and awaited the next delivery from Rotterdam – the steam turbine and its generator. These items arrived in mid-June on board the Schillplate vessel. The cargo weight is 848 tons, volume – 1,800 cubic meters. In the port, the overweight cargoes were reloaded onto the barge BN-1 and upon customs clearance, the equipment left for Moscow by river and motor transport.

The barge carrying equipment for the power unit under construction arrived in Moscow on June 28. The gas turbine and its generator, as well as the steam turbine generator were discharged on the jetty in Nagatinsky backwater area and given temporary storage. From the port, the heavy equipment will be hauled by vehicles to CHP-20 in early August.

A rotor and a steam turbine high pressure cylinder were delivered on July 11. The total weight of the cargo – 185.7 tons. A special railway platform took the items from the Northern Capital port to Moscow.

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Installed electric capacity of the new power unit will make 420 MW, thermal power – 220 GCal/h. CCGT-420 efficiency (in condensing mode) is more than 58%. Main fuel type is natural gas. The General Contractor for facility construction is OAO TEK Mosenergo.