Some of the most successful Out of Gauge Transportation Projects of the past decade

pile of intermodal containers

Transportation is an integral part of many businesses, and major part of this sector is perfectly automatized by sea, air, road, river, and railway transportation. Nonetheless, transportation of some loads requires professionalism and unique experience for each stage of the heavy lift project.

By definition, OOG load is cargo, dimensions of which are greater than the limiting size of standard transportation slots – containers, boxes, etc.

Transportation of oil tanks in Finland

This transportation challenge was brilliantly implemented by the Finnish Nurmenian Logistics Company. Four cylindrical oil tanks with the dimensions of 26.5 x 14 meters and weight of 180 tons each were moved at a 1 km distance. This elaborate work took 2 month in preparation, during which the technique of moving the tanks with a help of two platforms was invented, additional resources were also spent for widening the existing road and building a new of road. The process of transportation took only one hour, and has now become one of the most brilliantly implemented transportation projects in the history of Nurmenian Logistics.

Transportation of Emmaus-Kirche church

Natural extinction of coal pit in German Heuersdorf village made hundreds of its inhabitants to leave their motherland, moving to a new village. Old village had to be demolished, however, court decision decreed to save its 700-years-old Emmaus-Kirche church.

Transportation of Heuersdorf temple was not only an important step to save cultural and religious heritage, but a very challenging heavy lift and out of gauge transportation project. A very neat transportation plan had to be developed for moving the church 14 km away from the venue. The building was reinforced with metal constructions prior to the transportation, lifted by high-capacity jacks, and loaded on a big trailer, which had to move it at extremely low speed to its new residence. Constant monitoring of the state of the transported object helped to avoid any destruction, and the building successfully landed on Martin Luther Square in a new village.

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Transportation of Marilyn Monroe Statue

Transportation of arts objects is never an easy task, what to tell of those, which are 8 m tall and 15 tons in weight? Chicago local authorities, taking the opinion of the locals into account, decided to move a statue of a popular movie diva erected in a center of Chicago. Transportation of this statue was a very sophisticated task, letting the diva be at peace in the city of her famous residence in Palm Springs, California.