Everything you need to know about the ac-100 crane

The car crane AC 100 Demag has a carrying capacity of 100 tons and is mounted on a five-axle chassis of Terex, 11 m long.

The telescopic boom of 50 meters in length provides a short time for its extension and a significant load-carrying capacity. Oval-shaped boom design made of high-strength steel is developed by Demag.

red and white metal Terex crane during daytime

This model uses a low-noise engine technology Daimler Chrysler OM 501 LA.

Comfortable cabin with air conditioning has a large windshield and is designed for 2 people. The base of the cockpit is mounted on a rubber suspension.

Ac-100 specifications

  • maximum load capacity, m – 100
  • length of the main boom, m – 50,2
  • length of the jib, m – 33
  • maximum lifting height, m – 83,2
  • engine model Daimler Chrysler OM 501 LA
  • engine power, hp – 476
  • wheel formula 10 x 6 x 8
  • the maximum speed of movement, km/h – 476
  • maximum slope, % – 40
  • maximum counterweight, t – 32
  • length, mm – 14043
  • width, mm – 2750
  • height, mm – 3940
  • weight, t – 60.

Additional characteristics

  • HAV19 Two-wheeled 10/19m, mechanical installation for 20/40 degrees
  • HAV10 One-piece 10m, mechanical installation at 20/40 degree
  • HAV0HY19 Two-wheeled 10/19m, hydraulic installation at 0/40 degree
  • HAV0HY10 One-horse 10m, hydraulic installation 0/40 degree
  • VA8 Extension lead 8m
  • MS 1,5m runner h/w 26,6 t, for the 2nd winch in the absence of an extension cord
  • folding pulley for a single stock, incl. during transportation.

Emergency cases

There are special features for keeping the crane and the user safe in emergency cases and for the safe usage:

  • equipment for emergency lowering of cargo when stopping the crane
  • transformer equipment for emergency lowering of cargo when stopping the crane with an autonomous system
  • diesel unit and hydraulic pump
  • refueling package
  • Emergency shutdown of the engine with air cut-off
  • climate A package for works above 2000 m above sea level and rel. moisture 0-95%
  • tug trolley is freely connectable with brake and light connectors.
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