All features of the crane lr 11350, one of the best models on the market

Crawler crane establishes new criteria for those cranes, which have the loading ability of no less than 1,000 tons.

It provides exceptional carrying capacity in the entire field of use.

Economically transportation of the device parts is possible due to its special design, as well as rapid equipment. The engine, hydraulic system, electrical equipment, and crane cabin are transported as a single unit.

Also the LR 11350 allows flexible use with and without the derrick system.

High standards of safety, as well as a high level of serviceability complement its outstanding characteristics.

Characteristics of lr11350

  • Load capacity: 1350 t
  • main boom length: 150,00 m
  • lattice boom extension: 12-114 m
  • tower mast: 42 m
  • dimensions by support: 14.50 x 13.00 m
  • transport length: 15,65 m
  • transport width: 13,00 m
  • total counterweight: 990 t.

The Liebherr LR-11350 crane is among the top ten in the world. Its carrying capacity is 2 thousand tons. It was presented in 2006 for the first time. The crane on a crawler track with an arrow of 126 m and a radius of 64 m is capable of moving with a cargo weighing 245 tons. For ease of transportation, all details of the construction, including diesel engine, hydraulics, electricity, and cabin can be combined into one load.

In 2012, the crane was used for the construction of pylons of a bridge in height of 90 m in London.

The crane was specially equipped to work with a maximum working radius of 120 m and a hook lift of 183 m.


The Liebherr LR 11350 crane is unique because of the following characteristics:

  • it has a large load capacity
  • it is easy to transport without additional costs
  • it can be quickly mounted
  • the availability of different rifle systems ensures rapid adaptation and reconfiguration for different types of work
  • uses fuel economically
  • it has an automatic control system, providing full control over all operations.
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The Liebherr LR 11350 crawler crane has increased safety standards, which ensures its use under different conditions. It is not only multifunctional but also comfortable, allowing the driver to fully concentrate on the realization of the tasks assigned to him.