40t crane by the German manufacturer will be the best assistant at your construction site

The car crane RC 40 (TEREX BENDINI) has a carrying capacity of 42 tons and designed on a short chassis. It has three control modes. The crane has a telescopic four-section boom, providing resistance to crash even in case of being loaded.The machine is designed both for work in urban conditions and in remote, hard-to-reach places. The crane features a comfortable and ergonomic cabin; the control system is simple and intuitive.

brown tower crane at sunset

When manufacturing the RC 40 crane (TEREX BENDINI), high-strength materials are used to withstand extreme temperatures. Durable bridges and components confidently withstand dirt, snow, and any other difficult weather conditions.


The crane boom is usually used in urban conditions. Additionally, its dimensions allow the tool to be operated in various locations. The technology is very easy to manage because of a comfortable cabin. The main plus of this model is the use of intuitive equipment. High visibility lets the truck crane move with no troubles on any roads.

  1. Year of manufacture is 2011.
  2. Power: 162 hp.
  3. Length, mm: 10,935.
  4. Width, mm: 2,670.
  5. Height, mm: 3,323.
  6. Speed, km/h: 35.
  7. Load-carrying capacity, kg: 42,000.
  8. Length of the boom, m: 27.4.
  9. Wheel formula: 4x4x4.
  10. Lifting height, (with a jib) m: 29.5.

The Terex RC 40 for rough terrain has three control regimes; it also has a compact, sturdy construction, boom extension & retraction modes, even under the load. It also has a comfortable ergonomic cockpit with easy and simple controls. These characteristics make the RC 40 crane universal, easy to operate, capable of operating for many hours, minimizing operator fatigue.

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The gearbox with shift servo and six speeds of forward and reverse, four-wheel drive allow you to reach your work even in very difficult terrain. Turning the Terex RC 40 crane into a fleet of cranes, you expand the horizons of your business and make it more profitable.