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GES: general information about the resource

GES is an abbreviation for Global Experience Specialists. It is a famous resource, which offers high-quality event management and other related services. The company has a great experience, which exceeds 90 years. The specialists of the company help with the planning of various events. The firm has the wonderful reputation in the global market and guarantees perfect results. Never mind where you are, you can use their services. GES is popular among various organizers of the exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and plenty of other corporate occasions. The specialists working in GES are glad to offer the support of any part of the event or of the whole occasion.

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Breakbulk forums are not an exception. GES became a great support for their organizers. The latest was in February 2018. GES was responsible for the registration and planning. Thus, the preparations became much easier for the participants.

There is lots of information about GES available on the Internet. You can find it out on their official website as well. Watch the logo of the resource, which is presented on the page.

GES and Breakbulk cooperation

As we’ve mentioned, GES resource is a significant support for the organizers of different events. It made a great contribution to the organization of Breakbulk Middle East 2018. The company helped with the registration of the participants, guests, and sponsors making it faster and easier for them. It was vital because there were deadlines for the registration.

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As for the logistics forum itself, it was successful as usual. There were over 60 exhibitors and many visitors. Lots of important issues were discussed and problems solved during the lectures, conference, seminars, discussions, etc. Consider some of the topics observed:

  • project cargo problems
  • breakbulk cargo development
  • risks management
  • over dimensional freight
  • the supply chain for industrial projects, and others.

The participants shared their knowledge and experience. They also discussed the current problems of the industry in the region.

The forum was carried out in the National Exhibition Center of Abu Dhabi. With the support of GES, all the attendants managed to register in time and reach their goals.

More information concerning Breakbulk and its organization is available on the official site of the event.