Get on Skis!

gray US Air Force airplane parked on body of water

A small aviation museum and an up-to-date helicopter center appeared next to the Ring road and Tallinskoye Shosse in St. Petersburg in 2014. But the museum that was not yet built caused quite a stir in the Northern Capital. In February 2013, the drivers passing through the ring road in the south-west of St. Petersburg were worried to see a big airplane with inscription “Pulkovo” on its side which was located in the field next to Ulyanka settlement. Some even reported possible emergency landing of Il-86. However, upon closer look you could see that the aircraft was sitting on skis.

Il-86 on skis was dragged by a tractor. New owners – private heliport Helidrive – decided to use the plane as a museum. No unnecessary attention was wanted during the transport, but still this couldn’t be avoided. Evgeny Rachenko, Head of owner company’s development department said: “This Il was purchased to become the Russian aviation museum exhibiting all Russian manufacturers of airplanes and helicopters since the 30s up to now.”

As for the plane itself, the experts assure that its registration number is RA-86106 and it had been in operation since October 26, 1989. During 20 years, it flew about 30 thousand hours and made approximately 20 thousand landings. Originally, it was part of Aeroflot 205th flight unit. In 1992, it was handed over to Pulkovo airlines. On August 3, 2010, it was officially decommissioned.

The haul of the plane from Pulkovo airport territory to the private heliport took 24 hours. Although, they are just at a stone’s throw from each other. Sevzapkanat-produced slings were used while towing the aircraft.

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