New tournament among golf lovers in Houston in wildcat golf club

This year the Wildcat club will host a golf tournament on its territory. In total, two additional fields for games were developed. The sites are quite significant. They have an impressive height and allow you to admire the view of the city. The event will be filled with a variety of additional interesting entertainment.

What you need to know about golf

golf club on golf course

What Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have in common? Golf, which they adore. In general, golf is the destiny of the smart world of visionary, calculating, and promising people who are striving to win their place in the host of rulers, the owners of golf.

Strange as it may seem, golf takes its history from shepherds, who, chasing flocks of sheep along the floodplain and high-mountain meadows, were amused by the fact that small stones were pounded in the downhill sites of roads along the way.

The prototype of golf was played by shepherds from everywhere – from the Caucasian peaks to the Alpine hills. Instead of clubs, they were served with staffs, instead of holes were buried pots, instead of a ball – small stones. Golf was especially popular in Scotland, and later – in England. Over time, it spread to the whole Europe and then moved to the North American continent. The greatest boom in golf was observed throughout the 20th century.

Etiquette refers to the rules of golf. Sometimes there are unwritten, only implied, rules. That is why all newcomers, before hitting the ball for the first time must learn a number of simple but very diverse rules of golf. Etiquette is so important that it entered the 1st part of the Official Rules of Golf, published by the Royal Old St. Andrew’s Club in conjunction with the American Golf Association.

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Here are some points from golf etiquette:

  • you cannot stand behind the player – you can only be to the right of the strike
  • you cannot stand in front of the player and turn to him or her with your back
  • when shouting ‘Fore’ you should not turn around to find out who is shouting – you just have to duck and cover your head with your hands for safety
  • before sending the ball to the hole, you must wait until the other players have passed into the zone of inaccessibility
  • you need to move as quickly as possible between the punches – so as not to delay the others.

The peculiarity of etiquette is that, in essence, these are the same rules of the game, but only supplemented by the rules of behavior on the golf course and look no worse than its ceremony. They also concern safety on the playground, warning all risky situations when striking, as well as avoiding causing damage to the playing field. In this regard, one of the points of etiquette says, “If the field is damaged after the pitch, always restore the green, returning the turf to its place.”

How to get to the golf club?

The company provides a free transfer for all comers. You can go from the conference center and get to the country club. The shuttle bus departs in the morning (6.30 AM). The event will end until 4 PM. After this, players will be taken back to the center.