Guinea Alumina Corporation awarded Fluor with a management contract

A bauxite mine contract is given to Fluor

GAC announced that their contract for the management and development of bauxite mine was awarded to Fluor Corporation. The company plans that the mine would bring 12 million tonnes of bauxite every year. The price of the contract totaled US $700 million.

As for the location of the site, the mine is situated in the Boké region of Guinea. According to the conditions of the deal, Fluor’s specialists will be responsible for the construction of:

  • export terminal (which is planned to be located in Port Kamsar)
  • railway
  • infrastructure upgrades.

As a result, the company hopes to increase the breakbulk demand in the whole region.

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As the representatives of Fluor claim, they want to use their professionalism and expertise in order to reach cost efficiency. They are experienced in the following fields:

  • marine structures
  • port terminals
  • innovative design
  • mineral processing.

The owner of the mine is a subsidiary company of Emirates, Global Aluminum. All of the participants of the project hope to launch the production in 2018. Besides, GAC plans to further cooperate with Fluor in order to optimize the cost and provide the security and success of the project.

Fluor Corp.: general information

The company is one of the largest EPFCM organizations in the world. They create innovative and integrated solutions for their customers all over the globe. They have offices all over the world, while headquarter is in Texas. Fluor appeared about 100 years ago. Today they keep constantly developing.

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The company is known for the schedule certainty, improved cost, and great efficiency of their solutions.


The specialists of the firm work with various industrial sectors. The number of staff exceeds 50,000 people. The professionalism and dedication to work allow Fluor providing the best solutions and meet the demands of the clients. That’s why they have an excellent reputation.

Guinea Alumina Corp.: general information

GAC is a subsidiary and main investment of EGA. They are an owner of the project described. The history of the company started in 2001. Their key direction of work is the development of bauxite mines and various associated facilities.

The corporation works for the local growth of Guinea and for the security of the EGA’s position in the aluminum chain. Read more information about the company on their official website.