No Weight is too Heavy for Hydraulic Gantry Equipment

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Izhorskiye Zavody is the flagship of Russian heavy industry and the recognized global leader in the field of producing equipment of any complexity and sizes for petrochemical and nuclear industries. For the purpose of increasing efficiency and quality of crude oil refining at Tuapse Refinery, OAO Izhorskiye Zavody manufactured the first of its kind and the biggest reactor ever produced in USSR and Russia. Reactor weight is 1,400 tons, length – 42 m, diameter – 5.2 m. A unique operation to lift and move this truly jumbo equipment took place in early August 2012 at OAO Izhorskiye Zavody site.

Technological activities to lift and move the petrochemical reactor were ongoing in narrow space of OAO Izhorskiye Zavody shop No. 34 without stopping of existing production. In order to ensure maximum safety during lifting and shifting of the petrochemical reactor, Izhorskiye Zavody decided to purchase two units of hydraulic gantry equipment ENERPAC SBL-1100 SP from OOO InSpetsTekhnika – official representative of ENERPAC Integrated Solutions. InSpetsTekhnika accumulated a multi-year experience and gained a well-earned reputation in resolving challenging lifting and transport tasks.

The task set by OAO Izhorskiye Zavody to ship the PC reactor was not that easy: the reactor had to be lifted from roller supports, moved, installed on the shipping keel blocks and positioned on modular equipment for on-carriage to install into mounting position.

InSpetsTekhnika secured complex engineering, developed a principle diagram on lifting and moving the reactor in accordance with technological operations and provided timeframes. InSpetsTekhnika experts and ENERPAC I.S. engineers performed delivery, training, installation supervision for hydraulic gantry complex ENERPAC SBL-1100 SP and shipment of the first 1,400-ton petrochemical reactor. Shipment of the PC reactor for Tuapse Refinery went off with success and under normal conditions as per the set task.

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One set of hydraulic gantry equipment ENERPAC SBL-1100 SP allows lifting and handling, installation-deinstallation, loading-unloading of any heavy-lift and oversize equipment weighing up to 1,000 tons.

Hydraulic gantry equipment ENERPAC SBL-1100 SP consists of four hoist towers, guide tracks, side rails and anchorage. Each hydraulic hoist tower is fully stand-alone with its own hydraulic drive system, electronic movement control system, as well as gear for installation of a hoist into transport position. To start the work, it just needs to be plugged in. Lifting and moving of hydraulic hoist towers is fully synchronized owing to movement control system necessary to ensure maximum safety during lifting and transport operations. Hydraulic towers are fitted out with a console to carry out operations in a manual mode which is required for installing and adjusting the complex. Hydraulic gantry equipment ENERPAC SBL-1100 SP is also complete with wireless remote control for synchronized operation of the complex in general and monitoring of loading capacity during lifting and moving. As a rule, a forklift or a 15-ton crane are used for installation-deinstallation (assembly-disassembly) of ENERPAC SBL-1100 SP. All elements of ENERPAC SBL-1100 SP are equipped with mounting rings and holes for a forklift.

What’s unique about this hydraulic gantry equipment is its multi-functionality, transportability, mobility, compactness, high lifting capacity and possibility to use in narrow spaces – where use of mobile and crawler cranes is not possible.

Delivery of ENERPAC SBL-1100 SP to the jobsite is carried out in two in-gauge 40-ft containers and one 20-ft container which are hauled by standard transport and which is ten times cheaper than delivery of a crawler crane. Assembly speed depends on workflow, the set task and, as a rule, takes 3-5 hours. The unique structure allows the complex to be used for a wide variety of lifting and transport tasks with minimal losses on haulage, installation-deinstallation and storage.

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