Heavy lift equipment – transportation without problems and in the shortest possible time

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Transportation of large-sized and heavyweight expensive equipment and structures is done using specialized linear equipment – roll-trailers.

Roll-trailer ale 50 is a platform on wheels used for cargo transportation on vessels of the ale file type under the deck, which guarantees safety in transit for the environment, loading and unloading of which is carried out through the ramp in the ports of transshipment or destination.

white and black freight truck traveling on road

Last year, two new types of roll-kb trailers were commissioned, in addition to the already available ale name roll trailers of traditional lengths of 20, 40, and 62 feet. On the newest roll trailers ale-50, 72, and 80 feet long, there are rails for locating rail cars and locomotives.

Loading on the ship

Tagmaster moves the roll trailer to the ship for transportation and unloads at the port. At the same time, it is possible to take loads up to 5 meters in height with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 120 tons. This service is the best transport solution for complex oversized and project cargo.


  1. There is no need to accumulate a shipment party. Shipment from 1 unit is possible.
  2. The cargo is placed and fixed on a roll trailer long before the ship arrives at the port.
  3. Loading the roll trailer onto the ship is possible only using the tag master. It’s completely safe.
  4. Spmt trailer with cargo is to be placed inside the vessel.
  5. Certified modern fastening materials and technologies.
  6. Linear service with predictable time of shipment and transit time.
  7. Load on the roll trailer pays only for the place it occupies.
  8. The maximum load weight is 120 tons.
  9. A wide selection of roll-trailers: from 20 to 80 feet.
  10. Load & unload of roll trailer takes place on the territory of the port.
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