225,000-pound rotary kilns are loaded by Federal Maritime Terminals

The successful load of six rotary kilns

Federal Maritime Terminals became responsible for the load of six sections of the rotary kiln in the Port of Milwaukee. The cargo was huge with the total weight of 225,000 pounds. The load was required for the further transportation of the sections to Quebec, Canada. The destination was in the Port-Daniels–Gascons situated in the Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine region. The cargo was ordered by McInnis Cement (a Canadian industrial firm).

As for the size of the cargo, each section was 44 feet long and 17 feet in diameter. The structure of the units was cylindrical. They were aimed at the rotation and raise of materials to a high temperature.

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The initial transportation to the Port of Milwaukee was carried out from the site of the rotary kiln manufacturer A-C Equipment Services. The latest is a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions.

The load was carried out by means of heavy-lift cranes located in the port. Their capacity totaled up to 220 net tonnes. Thus, FMT managed to successfully complete their task.

The further shipment was organized via St. Lawrence Seaway.

Federal Maritime Terminals: general information

The company under discussion is a subsidiary of Fednav Limited. It was established over 50 years ago. Its key direction is an operation of the stevedoring facilities in various ports located in Canada and the US.

The firm is known as a leader of the industry with its great facilities and experience. The specialists of the company deal with various types of cargo, such as:

  • breakbulk
  • project
  • containerized
  • general.
  • The firm cooperates with companies of different industries, such as cement, gypsum, steel, sugar, cocoa production, etc.
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The main principles of the company are efficiency and safety. To meet the highest standards of cargo handling, FMT uses the modern equipment and special software to track the cargo and provide its safety. The staff of the company is also qualified and experienced in the sphere of cargo handling. What’s more, FMT offers very competitive prices for their services, which is another important advantage for their clients.

Federal Maritime Terminals keeps constantly developing in order to provide even better services and facilities for their new and permanent customers across Canada and the USA.

Read more information concerning FMT on their official website.