Learn more about the history and features of the Renault Magnum truck

Sensation. In this way, in 1990, the reports of the European media about the emergence of the avant-garde Renault Magnum – Mack Magnum – for their time began. Now this car has gone through three generations and has become a familiar phenomenon even on the roads of Russia and CIS countries.

It is appreciated for the maximum level of comfort and high productivity. The carriers call Magnum trucks nothing else but “the ideal truckers”.

New generation: Mack V8 engine history

The newest Magnum saw the light in 2005. By this time, the flagship of the French company occupied three places on the podium of the prestigious European competition “Truck of the Year”: winning them in 1991, they took “silver” in 1998 and “bronze” in 2002. Everything says not only about the high evaluation of the model by its specialists but also about the recognition by professionals of different countries.

The model range includes truck tractors, chassis, and onboard cars with a wheel arrangement of 4х2 and 6х2 with a gross weight of 18 to 26 tons. Magnum is supplied in 15 wheelbase variants, from 3,920 to 6,820 mm, which makes it a universal “merchant”. However, the range of application of the flagship is rather narrow: it is mainly used as a truck tractor for main transportations on international flights. One of the most common modifications is Magnum 480.19.

In the third generation, the Magnum version with the new DXi 13 engine with a working capacity of 12.8 liters and a power of 500 hp is attractive. It appeared on the market in the autumn of the last year and meets the Euro 4/Euro 5 standards. The motor weighs 1,140 kg, is equipped with second-generation injectors with an injection pressure of 2,000 bars. The peak of its torque of 2,450 N·m falls on a wide range of revolutions of 1050-1400 rpm. The Optibrake+ motor brake, which provides a 510 hp, also has impressive characteristics. However, Russian transporters prefer to buy this version of the car exclusively for international freight. In Russia, the use of such equipment is still considered an unjustifiable luxury.

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In general, there are no serious remarks on Renault Magnum from the vast majority of transport companies. In general, the car is good, and most importantly – it justifies the hopes of auto carriers.

The accelerator pedal breaks down due to the design peculiarity: inside, moisture, snow, dirt, road reagents, anti-icing get on the contacts. Moisture kills electricity systems, making repair not possible.

In a good auto-house, the new Magnum is used for 3 years, sometimes – for 3.5-4 years. Many things depend on the nature of the cargo, the volume of the trailer or semitrailer, the cost of freight, the nature of the work – with the freight forwarder or the manufacturer directly, and a number of other factors. For a quick payback, the monthly mileage should be at least 10-12 thousand km, or 15 thousand km better. Otherwise, this is not the business that an entrepreneur should bet on, because the freight must be at least 70 eurocents per 1 kilometer. Calculations show that, with an average mileage of 15,000 km per month, the truck will pay itself in 36 months, and for a run of less than 12,000 km, it will take 48 months.